I consider myself first and artist and then a photographer. My passion is in creative process…envisioning something in my mind then working at it till it becomes a reality. Since my first images I knew fine art photography was going to be a life long pursuit and passion.

From the beginning I have always focused my efforts on working in black and white. For me, visualizing scenes in terms of luminance just comes more naturally. Color just seems to get in the way. I find images in black and white allow for a stronger presentation of subject matter, message and feeling. Much of my photographic composition contains architectural elements, abstracts of objects or places, urban scenes, and the beauty in natural elements.

In pursuit of my passion for photography, I have slowly built my skills over the years both behind the lens and at a keyboard as an IT professional. Today I work, live, and play in Virginia’s capitol city of Richmond. My day job as an IT architect, my family, and dogs keep me fairly busy, but I continue to refine my craft.

All of my images may be purchased as prints for collection or wall display. I strive to provide exceptional quality art an affordable price. Materials and Inks are carefully selected for their longevity and museum grade standards. Prints are personaly made and signed in my studio. Other products may become available from time to time as I explore alternative things to do with my imagery.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy…


From The Beginning