My Creative Manifesto

A personal statement

In the software development world there is a short and simple manifesto for guiding agile development. The manifesto identifies things that should be valued during the development process and principles to follow. In my mind creating art is very similar to software development. In the beginning both start with an idea and a few raw materials, explore different ways to achieve a goal, and in the end create something with meaning and value. Like agile development, creativity is a process with values and principles. These are my values and principles…

Creative Values

While all of these things are important I value some more then others.

Creation over tools

Produce art versus pursuing the latest gadget

Emotions over aesthetics

Trigger an emotion versus making something pretty

Quality over quantity

Deliver value through handcrafting versus mass production

Inspiration over recognition

Work to inspire others versus gaining recognition

Creative Principles

Foundations of my creative process

Being an artist is a way of life

I don’t believe in work life balance. I believe in a balanced worklife. Meaning instead of seperating my personal life from my work life I bring my personal creativity to my work no matter what that work is.

Be in a perpetual childlike state of learning

I believe when you stop learning you start dieing. I believe children are the greatest learners. As such to keep my creativity fresh I should be always learning like a child.

All art is unique because every artist is different

Just because it exists already does not mean it shouldn’t be recreated. Each artist deposits a little bit of themselves into a work of art. While there may not be anything new under the sun each is unique in their own right. I will not limit my creativity and artwork based on what others have made.

Iterate until your creative vision is complete

Through iteration things improve. I will not stop until the vision in my head becomes a reality.

Show your work

Work that is not seen only benefits the artist. I believe I am driven to create, so that I can share.

Welcome constructive criticism, ignore the rest

It’s great when someone is honestly trying to help; however, negativity can paralyze the creative process. I will ignore those who try to make others look or feel bad through negative comments and criticism.

Reflect often and adjust accordingly

Life is not static. Neither is creativity. The world around me changes, I change and so must my creative process.