I personally prepare, sign, and number all works. Prints are made using Piezography Special Edition inks. The images are printed on Canson Infinity Platine Fiber Rag Paper. This is a high quality 310 gsm paper with 100% cotton rag base. Mats are hand cut using museum quality mat board.

If you’re interested in purchasing a print and/or would like to see a sample before proceeding, please contact me using the contact form.


Impressions Note Card – Starting at $5

  • 5x7 Folded Card Blank Inside
  • Signed and Numbered on back

Signature Print - Starting at $25

  • 5 X 7 Horizontal or Vertical image printed on 8 x 10 paper
  • Signed and Numbered on front
  • Matted to 8 X 10

Exhibition Print – Starting at $150

  • 10 X 15 Horizontal or Vertical image printed on 13 x 19 paper
  • Signed and Numbered on front
  • Matted to 16 X 20

Folio Collection - Starting at $175

  • 6 x 9 Horizontal or Vertical image printed on 8.5x11 paper
  • 8 Prints Signed and Numbered on front
  • Folio Cover Signed and Numbered on back

Editions, Printings, and Pricing


Signify the number of times the creative work has been redone. 1st edition means this is a print of the original creative work. As my technique and technology advance the image may be reprocessed to improve its over all quality and representation of my creative vision. Each time this is done a new Edition will be released. With each new edition the number of printings starts over.


This is the number of times an Edition has been printed. Printing are done in groups of 10 as follows:

  • AP (Artist Print): prints 0-9
  • 1st printing: prints 10-19
  • 2nd printing: prints: 20-29
  • 3rd, 4th, etc.

Artist prints are generally not for sale and are prints created for my personal use. These short runs help me manage inventory and ensure that purchasers are getting the maximum amount of enjoyment out of their investment.


My goal for creating Editions and Printings is not to artificially inflate the pricing. it is a means of tracking the number of times a work as been reworked and printed. Initial pricing is based on my personal investment in the image as an artist and perceived market value. Prices may fluctuate based on the general economy and supply versus demand.